Make it with MADE 

Custom T-shirts and so much more 

MADE creates and produces hand printed garments and accessories for businesses and individuals - we house a few of our own brands and are proud to help you create yours! 

Whether you are looking to create some brand awareness - from logo creation to full branding or to freshen up your wardrobe with a fresh design - make it with MADE!

The Eminem T-shirt

We love bringing ideas to life! Here is the Eminem T-shirt from creation to production!

Our brands


GEO by MADE mixes shapes, lines and curves to create unique animal-inspired designs.

Masked Money™

Modern apparel inspired by streetwear style. Masked Money™ brings you designs that tell a bigger story. 

Shirley Browns

Shirley Browns - the first brand created by MADE and one close to our heart featuring our best-selling candy skull. 

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