March 2024

You're all I ever needed.... I want you back!

The pure nostalgia of the late 90s related everything, everywhere, is a pure vibe and MADE is here for it!! 

We do love a comeback (most of the time..) and the late 90s/early 00s was full of fashion trends. I’m thinking large T-shirts in bold colours with big prints/graphics, baggy jeans, colour block shell suits, bomber jackets, platform trainers, oversized flannel shirts, combat boots. A lot of these trends have made a return to the fashion scene, some items never having really left. You won’t have to go far to see your favourite celebs and influencers wearing a throwback look inspired by this wonderful era. 

And what was 90s fashion without an accessory or two: 

  • Bandanas and butterfly clips, fanny packs, gummy chokers, dummy chains (in all the colours), bucket hats or a mood ring for a bit of bling. 

It’s not just fashion though. Somehow, modern TV is catapulting rediscovered pop hits back into the charts (with some even being re-released on vinyl). New old TV shows (our fave being Gladiators) are back on our screens and belly button piercings are on the increase.

So, whether you lived through this era or if you wish you had, here’s a bit of nostalgia from us, in no particular order: 

  • TOTP on the TV 
  • Home phones in the bedroom and the hope your mate actually left at the same time as you to meet halfway
  • Inflatable chairs and if you had a big enough space obviously an inflatable sofa
  • A nudge on MSN messenger when you took too long to respond – this was just about all we used the internet for! 
  • Tamagotchi, aliens in slime and Pogs!  
  • Keying in our ringtones, oblivious that phones would spend the majority of their life on silent 
  • Running to do something in the adverts to make it back before the next part of the film. 
  • All the Brit music Blur vs Oasis, and obviously Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, NSync 5ive yeah Five… and all the 90s pop bands 
  • Ali G and me Julie, Kevin and Perry go large and so much comedy unconcerned by political correctness  
  • Teletext holidays – booking a holiday on TV with no visual and just hoping for the best when you arrive. 
  • The millennium bug, Y2K – the world was ending! 
  • Requesting songs on The Box 

And that’s just a start! 

I’m sure there’s things we all love and maybe more we’re glad to see the back of. Whatever it was for you, the late 90’s was a sweet spot for us growing up. A time when streetlights were our curfew and there was no social media. If you took a photo you had to finish the film and then wait a week for it develop and Freddo’s still cost 10p. 

MADE will be spicing up your life this spring/summer with some nostalgia inspired designs! 

Peace out! 

Send us your ideas @made.ts #made.ts 

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